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Capture the festive magic of selecting your own fresh, groomed, fragrant New Zealand or exotic Christmas Tree

Twiggy Estate creates the prettiest pines, fanciest firs and shiniest spruces

One of the happiest times of the year is picking the perfect Christmas tree. With family tradition in mind, fresh tree lovers can stroll around our Martinborough woodland property viewing nurtured fragrant trees from New Zealand Pine to a variety of North American and European exotics. Our tree-labels will guide you through the type of tree to suit your home and decoration style. If you can’t make it to view, you can purchase your chosen tree online and we will select it for you. Once the picture-perfect shape and final touches are made in December, trees will be ready to be the focal point in your home.

Smell the difference

Real Christmas trees evoke a sense of childhood. Nothing can beat the smell of a real tree, from the aroma of classic sweet mild tones through to zesty citrus notes.

Let the holiday season begin

During November our gates open to welcome annual Christmas tree lovers for our selection outing week. A deposit of $20 per tree is required to hold your tree. Indulge in the tree varieties and cherish the nostalgic family memories. Continue the tradition at home by decorating the tree together.

The cycle of life

Real Christmas trees are entirely recyclable, you can mulch it back into the earth to nurture the next generation of trees. If a natural tree is grown locally and mulched or composted after use it’s carbon neutral.

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