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Smell the difference

Real Christmas trees evoke a sense of childhood. Nothing can beat the smell of a real tree, from the aroma of classic sweet mild tones through to zesty citrus notes

Plus lush fresh Christmas trees support life by absorbing carbon dioxide and other gases and emitting fresh oxygen.

The Royal Treatment

Our magical, fresh and fragrent range of New Zealand and exotic Christmas trees are specially grown, beautifully shaped and the well cared for stars of Twiggy Estate.

You are bringing home a living plant, that needs attention as soon as it arrives home. Make a fresh cut of 5-6cm at the base of your tree, allowing the trunk to remain unsealed. Secure your tree in an appropriate stand and water immediately. Water is the absolute most important thing you can do to preserve your tree for Christmas. No additives are needed. Placing your tree away from direct sunlight will lengthen the longevity of your masterpiece. Check water level daily as your tree will require 2-3 litres per day for the first week and reduce as the week’s pass. Needle shedding is a natural process.

What’s your unique style

The tree you choose will depend on what you are after, the shape, height, colour, smell and the stiffness of the needles, meaning how well they hold decorations. Choose from the traditional New Zealand Pine tree, through to a variety of exotic trees from Europe and North America. We have New Zealand Pine, Scotch Pine, Cedar, Norway, Spruce, Blue Spruce, Douglas Fir, Grand Fir, White Fir and Nordmann. Each tree is unique.

Let the holiday season begin

During November our gates open to welcome annual Christmas tree lovers for our selection outing week. A deposit of $20 per tree is required to hold your tree. Indulge in the tree varieties and cherish the nostalgic family memories. Continue the tradition at home by decorating the tree together.

Delivery Your Way

After falling in love with your chosen tree, select when you’d like to come back to collect . If you fancy the smell and tradition of a real tree but don’t have time to choose it don’t worry, we can select it for you. Simply purchase your tree type online and we’ll choose the perfect shape for you.

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